What if PayPal is not supported on my country, is there any other alternative to PayPal?

You can still use PayPal eCheck payments, eCheck is a payment that you make directly from your bank account.
It is very straight forward, just follow the steps shown in the below URL:


What is Plan 1?

It is showing the first 20 questions of any exam with no answers and no exhibits, it will help you to know what kind of material you are about to purchase.

What is Plan 2?

It is Onetime payment for one specific exam only “25$ / exam”. It will allow you to download the most up-to-date printable version of the exam in pdf, word or html format. Any future update of this exam can be downloaded again from your account for free. Access will be granted for 1 month to download the purchased exam.

What is Plan 3?

It is Onetime payment for one specific exam only “15$ / exam”. It will allow you to access all the questions and answers for the requested exam along with other professional’s comments online from the website itself. Any future update of this exam will be transparent to your account and can be accessed for free. Access will be granted for 6 months to access the purchased exam, and there is unlimited number of times you can login to your account and access the same exam

Why I can’t view the answers even though I am a registered user?

By registering to the website, you will be eligible for Plan1 only, which is viewing the forst 20 questions only without answers, to be able to view the rest of the questions and the answers, you have to upgrade to either plan 2 or 3.

I can’t find answer explanations for some exams?

Majority of the exams have explanations, while some exams don’t have for the time being, most probably future releases will have explanations and you will be eligible to download the newer version for free.

Why exam questions are the same even though the last updated date is different?

Every month, we check on most wanted exams whether there are a newer version released or corrected answers or explanations added, If such changes found, it s updated directly to the exams. The date you see, is the date when was the last time and update was checked for this exam.

How can I get any newer releases and updates for any exam after the purchase?

It is transparent,whenever there is a newer release , we update the exams and you can access the update directly from your account in case it is online access (Plan3),while you have to download the exam again if it pdf access (Plan2).

Can I upgrade from Plan 3 (Online access) to Plan 2( PDF access)?

Yes, you can. As you already paid 15$ for PLAN 3, you can pay the amout rest only to get the pdf file, email us and we will give you access to the pdf.