Certification Exam Code

List of all Veritas Exams
Exam CodeExam Name#   
BE-100WBackup Exec 10.0 Administration60FREETake this exam
DP-021WDesign of Data Protection Solutions for Windows using NetBackup 5.055FREETake this exam
DP-022WData Protection Implementation for Windows using NetBackup 5.0123FREETake this exam
DP-023WData Protection Admininstration for Windows using NetBackup 5.086FREETake this exam
DP-002WData Protection Implementation for Windows using NetBackup66FREETake this exam
DP-023XData Protection Administration for UNIX (NBU 5.0)85FREETake this exam
HA-022XImplementation of High Availability Solutions for UNIX (VCS 4.0)117FREETake this exam
SF-040XVERITAS Storage Foundation 4.0 Specialist112FREETake this exam
VCS-319Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 11.x134FREETake this exam
VCS-254Administration of Veritas Cluster Server 6.1 for UNIX298FREETake this exam
VCS-255Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation 6.1 for UNIX408FREETake this exam
VCS-272Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.6.1104FREETake this exam
VCS-273Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.6.1 and NetBackup Appliances 2.6.1123FREETake this exam
VCS-411Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.0 for Administrators146FREETake this exam
VCS-412Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.0 for Users75FREETake this exam
VCS-409Administration of Clearwellâ„¢ eDiscovery Platform 7.1173FREETake this exam
VCS-371Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.5 for Windows207FREETake this exam
VCS-352Administration of Storage Foundation and HA 6.0 for Windows286FREETake this exam
VCS-318Administration of Veritas Backup Exec 2014129FREETake this exam
VCS-310Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 10.0 for Exchange318FREETake this exam
VCS-271Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.5 for UNIX222FREETake this exam
VCS-253Administration of Veritas Cluster Server 6.0 for UNIX235FREETake this exam
VCS-252Administration of Veritas Storage Foundation 6.0 for Unix230FREETake this exam
VCS-220Administration of Veritas System Recovery 2013111FREETake this exam
VCS-316Administration of Veritas Backup Exec 2012238FREETake this exam
VCS-275Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.7 and Appliances 2.780FREETake this exam
VCS-274Administration of Veritas NetBackup 7.770FREETake this exam
VCS-322Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.x81FREETake this exam
VCS-277Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.0 and Appliances 3.083FREETake this exam
VCS-276Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.0144FREETake this exam
VCS-323Administration of Veritas Backup Exec 1685FREETake this exam
VCS-257Administration of Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.1 for UNIX/Linux90FREETake this exam
VCS-413Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 for Administrators84FREETake this exam
VCS-256Administration of Veritas InfoScale Availability 7.1 for UNIX/Linux84FREETake this exam
VCS-260Administration of Veritas InfoScale Availability 7.3 for UNIX/Linux80FREETake this exam
VCS-261Administration of Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.3 for UNIX/Linux81FREETake this exam
VCS-278Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2159FREETake this exam
VASC-100NetBackup Catalog Manipulation (CatMan) 3.5 Technical Assessment1FREEPre Order
VASC-101NetBackup Catalog Manipulation (CatMan) 4.0 Technical Assessment1FREEPre Order
VCS-258Administration of Veritas InfoScale Availability 7.2 for UNIX/Linux1FREEPre Order
VCS-259Administration of Veritas InfoScale Storage 7.2 for UNIX/Linux1FREEPre Order
VCS-279Administration of Veritas NetBackup 8.1.2 and NetBackup Appliances 3.189FREETake this exam
VCS-321Administration of Veritas Backup Exec151FREEPre Order
VCS-324Administration of Veritas Enterprise Vault 12.3177FREETake this exam
VCS-325Administration of Veritas Backup Exec 20.181FREETake this exam
VCS-353Admin of Veritas Storage Foundation & HA 6.1 for Win1FREEPre Order
VCS-414Administration of Veritas eDiscovery Platform 8.2 for Users1FREEPre Order