List of all SOA Exams
Exam CodeExam Name# Amount 
C90-01AFundamental Cloud Computing (C90.01)69FREETake this exam
C90-02ACloud Technology Concepts86FREETake this exam
C90-03ACloud Technology Lab21FREETake this exam
C90-04ACertified Cloud Architect1FREEPre Order
C90-05AAdvanced Cloud Architecture50FREETake this exam
C90-06ACloud Architecture Lab15FREETake this exam
C90-09ASOA Certified Professional1FREEPre Order
S90-01AFundamental SOA & Service-Oriented Computing100FREETake this exam
S90-01BFundamental SOA, Services & Microservices1FREEPre Order
S90-02ASOA Technology Concepts91FREETake this exam
S90-03ASOA Design & Architecture100FREETake this exam
S90-04AProject Delivery & Methodology100FREETake this exam
S90-05ASOA Technology Lab40FREETake this exam
S90-07ASOA Analysis & Modeling Lab1FREEPre Order
S90-08AAdvanced SOA Design & Architecture100FREETake this exam
S90-09ASOA Design & Architecture Lab40FREETake this exam
S90-18AFundamental SOA Security98FREETake this exam
S90-19AAdvanced SOA Security83FREETake this exam
S90-20ASOA Security Lab30FREETake this exam
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