List of all RSA Exams
Exam CodeExam Name# Amount 
050-80-CASECURID01RSA SecurID Certified Administrator 8.0 Exam70FREETake this exam
050-CSEDLPSCSE RSA Data Loss Prevention 6.0106FREETake this exam
050-ENVCSE01CSE RSA enVision Essentials97FREETake this exam
050-SEPRODLP-01RSA Certified SE Professional in Data Loss Prevention Exam70FREETake this exam
050-SEPROGRC-01RSA Certified SE Professional in Governance, Risk and Compliance70FREETake this exam
050-SEPROSIEM-01RSA Certified SE Professional in Security Information andEvent Management970FREETake this exam
050-V37-ENVCSE01CSE RSA enVision Essentials97FREETake this exam
050-v40-ENVCSE02RSA enVision Certified Systems Engineer 4.0 Exam 270FREETake this exam
050-v66-SERCMS02RSA Certificate Management Solution 6.6 CSE Exam77FREETake this exam
050-V70RSA Data Loss Prevention Certified System Engineer 7.x Exam70FREETake this exam
050-v71-CASECURID02RSA SecurID Certified Administrator 7.1 Exam140FREETake this exam
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