Certification Exam Code

List of all Novell Exams
Exam CodeExam Name#   
050-720Novell Certified Linux Administrator134FREETake this exam
050-728Identity and Security Specialization: Novell Sentinel 6.156FREETake this exam
50-632Networking Technologies95FREETake this exam
50-649TCP/IP for Networking Professionals149FREETake this exam
50-650Internet Security Management with BorderManager 3.5: Enterprise Edition179FREETake this exam
50-653Certified Novell Administrator 5.1120FREETake this exam
50-658Service and Support174FREETake this exam
50-663Integrating Novell eDirectory and Active Directory136FREETake this exam
50-664Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation140FREETake this exam
50-665GroupWise 6 Administration54FREETake this exam
50-676Upgrade to NetWare 6149FREETake this exam
50-677Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6193FREETake this exam
50-681Novell Network Management: NetWare 6183FREETake this exam
50-686Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6.5198FREETake this exam
50-688Novell Upgrading to NetWare 6.5194FREETake this exam
50-690Novell Network Management; Netware 6.5193FREETake this exam
50-691Advanced Novell Network Management: Netware 6.5186FREETake this exam
50-692ZENWorks 6.5 Desktop Management249FREETake this exam
50-694Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration180FREETake this exam
50-695Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation:eDirectory 8.870FREETake this exam
50-710Novell Certified Linux Administrator134FREETake this exam
50-877cni-foundations of novell networking:netware 6193FREETake this exam
50-886Foundations of Novell Networking:Netware 6.5198FREETake this exam
50-888Upgrading to Netware 6.5194FREETake this exam
50-890Advanced Novell Network Management;Netware 6.5192FREETake this exam
50-892novell zenworks 6.5 desktop management249FREETake this exam
50-894Novell ZENworks 7 Desktop Management Administration CNI180FREETake this exam
50-895Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation : eDirectory 8.8 exam70FREETake this exam
050-654Novell NetWare 5.1 Advanced Administration153FREETake this exam
050-682Advanced Novell Network Management145FREETake this exam
050-683Desktop Management with ZENworks for Desktops 4129FREETake this exam
050-684Novell eDirectory Tools and Diagnostics146FREETake this exam
050-719Novell Certified Administrator - Enterprise Services110FREETake this exam
050-730Certified Novell Identity Manager Administrator117FREETake this exam
050-696Foundations of Novell Open Enterprise Server NetWare194FREETake this exam
050-694Foundations of Novell Open Enterprise Server NetWare195FREETake this exam
050-695050-695195FREETake this exam
050-704050-704195FREETake this exam
050-632050-632195FREETake this exam
050-634050-634116FREETake this exam
050-644050-644116FREETake this exam
050-686050-686116FREETake this exam
050-688050-688116FREETake this exam
050-690050-690116FREETake this exam
050-691050-691116FREETake this exam
050-707050-707116FREETake this exam
050-710050-710116FREETake this exam
050-877050-877116FREETake this exam
050-886050-886116FREETake this exam
050-888050-888116FREETake this exam
050-890050-890116FREETake this exam
050-894050-894116FREETake this exam
050-895Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation:eDirectory 8.876FREETake this exam
50-565Networking Technologies63FREETake this exam
50-639Novell-Certified Novell Administrator210FREETake this exam
050-701Upgrading to Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare165FREETake this exam
050-708SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration130FREETake this exam
050-832CNI-Networking Technologies63FREETake this exam
050-854CNI-Networking Technologies152FREETake this exam
050-858Cni-service and support106FREETake this exam
050-864CNI - Novell edirectory design and implementation98FREETake this exam
050-865GroupWise 6.0 administration101FREETake this exam
050-876Upgrading to NetWare 6113FREETake this exam
050-650Internet Security Management with BorderManager 3.5: Enterprise Edition92FREETake this exam
050-658Service and Support174FREETake this exam
050-664Novell eDirectory Design and Implementation140FREETake this exam
050-676Upgrade to NetWare 6147FREETake this exam
050-681Novell Network Management: NetWare 6192FREETake this exam
050-733SUSE Certified Linux Administrator 1270FREETake this exam
050-v5x-CAARCHER01RSA Archer Certified Administrator 5.x E70FREETake this exam
050-565Novell Networking Technologies42FREETake this exam
050-649Tcp/ip for Networking professionals85FREETake this exam
050-653Certified Novell Administrator 5.185FREETake this exam
050-663Integrating Novell eDirectory and Active Directory83FREETake this exam
050-665GroupWise 6 Administration65FREETake this exam
050-677Foundations of Novell Networking: NetWare 6140FREETake this exam
050-191Intranetware:netware 4.11 advanced administration-jpn only1FREEPre Order
050-605CNE netware for saa1FREEPre Order
050-633Groupwise 5.5 system administration1FREEPre Order
050-648Advanced nds1FREEPre Order
050-660Network management with managewise 2.71FREEPre Order
050-661Directory techonologies1FREEPre Order
050-669Integrating novell edirectory with windows nt 41FREEPre Order
050-680Edirectory speciliast1FREEPre Order
050-689SUSE Linux Administration1FREEPre Order
050-692Novell zenworks 6.5 desktop management240FREETake this exam
050-693SUSE Linux Network Services: SUSE Linux Enterprise 91FREEPre Order
050-697SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Administration1FREEPre Order
050-698SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 Networking Services0FREEComing Soon
050-699Upgrading to Certified Linux Professional 100FREEComing Soon
050-700Integrating Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux0FREEComing Soon
050-702Systems and Resource Management122FREETake this exam
050-703Identity Management110FREETake this exam
050-705Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux+GroupWise136FREETake this exam
050-709Implementing Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 for Linux0FREEComing Soon
050-711PartnerNet Specialization: Systems Management track (ZENworks Configuration Management emphasis)0FREEComing Soon
050-712Managing Netcape Enterprise Server for NetWare0FREEComing Soon
050-713PartnerNet Specialization: Novell Identity Manager 3.50FREEComing Soon
050-714ISM PartnerNet Specialization: Sentinel0FREEComing Soon
050-716PartnerNet Specialization: Teaming and Individual Productivity (Novell GroupWise emphasis)0FREEComing Soon
050-717PartnerNet Specialization: Teaming & Individual Productivity (Novell Teaming + Conferencing emphasis)0FREEComing Soon
050-721Certified Linux Professional 110FREEComing Soon
050-724PlateSpin Workload Management Administration?0FREEComing Soon
050-725Certified Novell ZENworks Administrator0FREEComing Soon
050-726Workgroup PartnerNet Specialization: Teaming & Individual Productivity: GroupWise 80FREEComing Soon
050-727Identity and Security Specialization: Novell Identity Manager 3.60FREEComing Soon
050-718PartnerNet Specialization: Security Management (ZENworks Endpoint Security Management emphasis)0FREEComing Soon
050-732Novell Certified Linux Professional 11 for Red Hat Certified Engineers0FREEComing Soon
050-805CNI netware for saa0FREEComing Soon
050-848Cni-advanced nds0FREEComing Soon
050-849Cni-tcp/ip for networking professionals0FREEComing Soon
050-850Cni-internet security mgmt w/bordermanager:enterpr0FREEComing Soon
050-853Cni-netware 5.1 administration0FREEComing Soon
050-860Cni-network management with managewise 2.70FREEComing Soon
050-861Directory technologies0FREEComing Soon
050-863Cni-novell edirectory and active directory0FREEComing Soon
050-869Integrating novell edirectory with windows nt 40FREEComing Soon
50-701Upgrading t Novell Open Enterprise Server for NetWare167FREETake this exam
050-883Cni-desktop management with zenworks for desktops 40FREEComing Soon
050-882Cni-advanced novell network management0FREEComing Soon
050-892Novell zenworks 6.5 desktop management247FREETake this exam
050-881Cni-novell network management:netware 60FREEComing Soon
050-884Cni-novell edirectory tools and diagnostics0FREEComing Soon
050-891advanced novell network management0FREEComing Soon
051-700Integrating Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux0FREEComing Soon
50-654Netware 5.1 advanced Administration153FREETake this exam
50-682Advanced Novell Network Management145FREETake this exam
50-683Desktop Management with ZENworks for129FREETake this exam
50-684Novell eDirectory Tools and Diagnostics150FREETake this exam
50-696Foundations of Novell Open Enterprise Server NetWare194FREETake this exam
50-702Systems and Resource Management122FREETake this exam
50-703Identity Management110FREETake this exam
50-704Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux+ZENworks150FREETake this exam
50-705Novell Open Enterprise Server for Linux+GroupWise136FREETake this exam
50-707Novell Open Enterprise Server for Netware Adanced Admin186FREETake this exam
50-708SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10 Administration127FREETake this exam
50-832Cni-Networking technologies95FREETake this exam
50-854Cni-netware 5.1 advanced Administration152FREETake this exam
50-858Cni-service and support106FREETake this exam
50-864Cni-novell edirectory design and implemenation116FREETake this exam
50-865Cni-groupwise 6.0 Administration112FREETake this exam
50-876Upgrade to netware 6130FREETake this exam
50-V37CSE RSA enVision Essentials (new update)97FREETake this exam
50-V37-ENVCSE01CSE RSA enVision Essentials (new update)97FREETake this exam
50-V60CSE RSA Data Loss Prevention 6.070FREETake this exam
50-V60X-CSEDLPSCSE RSA Data Loss Prevention 6.070FREETake this exam
50-V70-CSEDLPSRSA Data Loss Prevention Certified System Engineer 7.x Exam70FREETake this exam
60-DSFAltiris Deployment Solution Foundation 6.80FREEComing Soon