List of all Adobe Exams
Exam CodeExam Name# Amount 
9A0-019Adobe Photoshop 6.0 Product Proficiency113FREETake this exam
9A0-026Adobe InDesign 2.0 Product Proficiency Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-028Adobe GoLive 6.0 Product Proficiency Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-029Adobe Framemaker 7.0 Product Proficiency Exam162FREETake this exam
9A0-030Adobe Illustrator 10.0 Product Proficiency Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-031Adobe Photoshop 7.0 Product Proficiency Exam153FREETake this exam
9A0-032Adobe After Effects 5.5 Product Proficiency Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-034Adobe Acrobat Professional 6.0 Product Proficiency Exam99FREETake this exam
9A0-035Adobe Illustrator CS ACE Exam134FREETake this exam
9A0-036Adobe PhotoShop CS ACE Exam148FREETake this exam
9A0-037Adobe InDesign CS ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-038Adobe GoLive CS ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-039Adobe After Effects 6.0 Professional ACE Exam110FREETake this exam
9A0-040Adobe Premiere Pro126FREETake this exam
9A0-041Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional Print Production ACE156FREETake this exam
9A0-042Prowith Adobe LiveCycle Designer ACE Exam114FREETake this exam
9A0-043Adobe Illustrator CS 2 ACE Exam67FREETake this exam
9A0-044Adobe Photoshop CS 2 ACE Exam140FREETake this exam
9A0-045Adobe InDesign CS 2 ACE Exam158FREETake this exam
9A0-046Adobe GoLive CS2 ACE Exam87FREETake this exam
9A0-054Adobe Photoshop CS3 ACE Exam124FREETake this exam
9A0-055Adobe InDesign CS3 ACE123FREETake this exam
9A0-056Adobe Dream weaver CS3 ACE Exam138FREETake this exam
9A0-057Adobe IIIustrator CS3 ACE Exam128FREETake this exam
9A0-058Adobe Flash CS3 ACE Exam103FREETake this exam
9A0-059Adobe Photoshop Lightroom ACE Exam100FREETake this exam
9A0-060Adobe After Effects 7.0 Professional ACE Exam148FREETake this exam
9A0-061Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 Professional ACE Exam130FREETake this exam
9A0-062Adobe Encore DVD 2.0 ACE Exam156FREETake this exam
9A0-0639A0-063 Adobe Acrobat Professional 8.0 ACE111FREETake this exam
9A0-064Adobe Flash Lite 2.0 Mobile Developer Exam108FREETake this exam
9A0-066Adobe ColdFusion 8122FREETake this exam
9A0-067Premiere/Encore/OnLocation@ CS3 ACE Exam129FREETake this exam
9A0-068After Effects@ CS3 ACE93FREETake this exam
9A0-077Adobe FrameMaker 8.0 ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-079Adobe@ RoboHelp@ 7 ACE Exam133FREETake this exam
9A0-080Adobe Captivate 3 ACE91FREETake this exam
9A0-081Adobe LiveCycle ES Application Developer69FREETake this exam
9A0-082Adobe® Flex 3 with AIR128FREETake this exam
9A0-084Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional ACE96FREETake this exam
9A0-085Adobe Acrobat 9 Professional Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-086Adobe InDesign CS4 Exam112FREETake this exam
9A0-087Adobe InDesign CS4 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-088Adobe IIIustrator CS4 Exam106FREETake this exam
9A0-089Adobe Illustrator CS4 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-090Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 ACE Exam85FREETake this exam
9A0-091Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-092Flash CS4 ACE Certification90FREETake this exam
9A0-093Adobe Flash CS4 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-094Adobe® Photoshop CS4 ACE Exam123FREETake this exam
9A0-095Adobe® Photoshop® CS4 Recertification Exam123FREETake this exam
9A0-096Adobe AfterEffects CS4 Exam143FREETake this exam
9A0-097Adobe® Premiere Pro CS4 ACE Exam90FREETake this exam
9A0-099Adobe AfterEffects CS4 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-125Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom 2 ACE Exam136FREETake this exam
9A0-127Adobe® ColdFusion 9 ACE Exam101FREETake this exam
9A0-128Adobe Captivate 4 ACE220FREETake this exam
9A0-129Flex 4 ACE Exam Exam196FREETake this exam
9A0-136Adobe® LiveCycle® ES2 Core ACE Exam89FREETake this exam
9A0-137Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Process Automation ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-138Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Document Output ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-139Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Data Capture ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-140Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Digital Security ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-142InDesign CS5 ACE99FREETake this exam
9A0-143Adobe InDesign CS5 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-144Adobe Illustrator CS5 ACE Exam120FREETake this exam
9A0-145Adobe Illustrator CS5 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-146Adobe® Dreamweaver CS5 ACE Exam87FREETake this exam
9A0-147Adobe Dreamweaver CS5 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-148Adobe® Flash CS5 ACE Exam93FREETake this exam
9A0-149Adobe Flash CS5 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-150Adobe® Photoshop CS5 ACE Exam118FREETake this exam
9A0-151Adobe Photoshop CS5 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-152Adobe® After Effects® CS5 ACE Exam93FREETake this exam
9A0-153Adobe After Effects CS5 Recertification Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-154Adobe® Premiere Pro CS5 ACE Exam95FREETake this exam
9A0-156Adobe® LiveCycle® ES2 Form Developer ACE Exam114FREETake this exam
9A0-157Adobe LiveCycle ES2 Solution Architect ACE1FREEPre Order
9A0-158Adobe Captivate 5 ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-159Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® 3 Photography1FREEPre Order
9A0-160Adobe Acrobat X Pro ACE Exam94FREETake this exam
9A0-161Adobe Acrobat X Pro35FREETake this exam
9A0-164Adobe Captivate® 5.5 ACE Exam161FREETake this exam
9A0-182Flex 4.5 ACE Exam96FREETake this exam
9A0-279Adobe Site Catalyst Processing Rules Recertification 30FREETake this exam
9A0-281Adobe Captivate 5.5 with eLS Extensions49FREETake this exam
9A0-303Adobe Photoshop CS6 ACE Exam407FREETake this exam
9A0-306Adobe InDesign CS6 ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-309Adobe After Effects CS6 ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-310Adobe Flex2 Developer Exam112FREETake this exam
9A0-311Certified Macromedia Flash 8 Exam70FREETake this exam
9A0-313Adobe Photoshop CS6 Recertification 46FREETake this exam
9A0-314Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 Recertification Exam37FREETake this exam
9A0-318Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 Recertification52FREETake this exam
9A0-327CQ 5.5 Component Developer ACE92FREETake this exam
9A0-331Adobe Connect Pro 742FREETake this exam
9A0-332Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-333Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® 3 Photography53FREETake this exam
9A0-350Adobe InDesign CC Recertification50FREETake this exam
9A0-351Adobe Illustrator CC Recertification51FREETake this exam
9A0-354Adobe Photoshop CC ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-355Adobe Premiere Pro CC ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-358Adobe Illustrator CC ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-359Adobe Flash CC ACE1FREEPre Order
9A0-365Adobe Digital Publishing Suite ACE 48FREETake this exam
9A0-367Adobe Reports and Analytics ACE60FREETake this exam
9A0-369Adobe Reports and Analytics Implementation59FREETake this exam
9A0-371Adobe LiveCycle ES4 Designer ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-372Adobe LiveCycle ES4 Server ACE Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-381Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner59FREETake this exam
9A0-382Adobe Experience Manager Component Developer Exam50FREETake this exam
9A0-383Adobe Analytics Developer50FREETake this exam
9A0-384Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Developer Exam50FREETake this exam
9A0-385Adobe Experience Manager 6.0 Architect Exam41FREETake this exam
9A0-386Adobe Analytics Business PractitionerAdobe Analytics Architect60FREETake this exam
9A0-388Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner - Preorder40FREETake this exam
9A0-388JAdobe Experience Manager 6.0 Business Practitioner Exam (9A0-388日本語版)40FREETake this exam
9A0-389Adobe Campaign Developer601FREETake this exam
9A0‐389Adobe Campaign Developer Exam - Preorder1FREEPre Order
9A0‐389Adobe Campaign Developer - Pre-Order1FREEPre Order
9A0‐389Adobe Campaign Developer - Pre-Order1FREEPre Order
9A0‐389Adobe Campaign Developer - Pre-Order1FREEPre Order
9A0‐389Adobe Campaign Developer1FREEPre Order
9A0-391ractice exam for Proctors only40FREETake this exam
9A0-392Adobe Captivate 8 ACE60FREETake this exam
9A0-393Adobe Campaign Architect - Preorder60FREETake this exam
9A0-394Adobe Media Optimizer Business Practitioner50FREETake this exam
9A0-395Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner - Preorder60FREETake this exam
9A0-396Adobe Experience Manager 6 Lead Developer Exam1FREEPre Order
9A0-397Adobe Experience Manager DevOps Engineer50FREETake this exam
9A0-398Adobe Target Business Practitioner ACE Exam40FREETake this exam
9A0-399Adobe Target Analyst ACE Exam40FREETake this exam
9A0-405Adobe Photoshop CC 2015 ACE40FREETake this exam
9A0-406Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 ACE Exam40FREETake this exam
9A0-407Adobe InDesign CC 2015 ACE40FREETake this exam
9A0-408Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2015 ACE40FREETake this exam
9A0-409Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2015 ACE60FREETake this exam
9A0-410Adobe Experience Manager Forms Developer ACE Exam80FREETake this exam
9A0-411Adobe Analytics Developer ACE Exam62FREETake this exam
9A0-412Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner59FREETake this exam
9A0-502Certified Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Designer Exam121FREETake this exam
9A0-602Certified Macromedia Flash MX 2004 Developer Exam115FREETake this exam
9A0-701ColdFusion MX Developer Exam132FREETake this exam
9A0-702ColdFusion MX 7 Developer Exam132FREETake this exam
9A0-802Certified Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Developer130FREETake this exam
9A0-803Certified Dreamweaver8 Developer Exam130FREETake this exam
9A0-901Flash Lite 1.1 Mobile Developer Certification Exam108FREETake this exam
A00-385Adobe Experience Manager 6 Architect1FREEPre Order
AD0-300Adobe Campaign Business Practitioner52FREETake this exam
AD0-E102Adobe Experience Manager BusinessPractitioner50FREETake this exam
AD0-E103Adobe Experience Manager Developer1FREEPre Order
AD0-E104Adobe Experience Manager Architect60FREETake this exam
AD0-E200Adobe Analytics Architect4072FREETake this exam
AD0-E300Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner92FREETake this exam
AD0-E301Campaign Standard Developer50FREETake this exam
AD0-E302Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner92FREETake this exam
AD0-E303Adobe Campaign Classic Architect60FREETake this exam
AD0-E308Adobe Campaign Classic Developer50FREETake this exam
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