Certification Exam Code

List of all Exin Exams
Exam CodeExam Name#   
ex0-100N/A120FREETake this exam
EX0-102Microsoft Operations Framework Foundation (MOF 4.0)73FREETake this exam
EX0-103ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation116FREETake this exam
EX0-104TMap Next Foundation60FREETake this exam
EX0-105Information Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 2700280FREETake this exam
EX0-106SCNS Tactical Perimeter Defense231FREETake this exam
EX0-107SCNP Strategic Infrastructure Security233FREETake this exam
EX0-110Foundation Bridge Exam IT Service Management ISO/IEC 2000055FREETake this exam
EX0-111Green IT Citizen39FREETake this exam
ISFSInformation Security Foundation based on ISO/IEC 27002 exam80FREETake this exam
ISO20KFISO / IEC 20000 Foundation110FREETake this exam
MOFFMicrosoft ® Operations Framework Foundation73FREETake this exam
SCNPSCNP Strategic Infrastructure Security exam233FREETake this exam
SCNScal Perimeter Defense Exam232FREETake this exam
TMPFTMap NEXT® Foundation55FREETake this exam
EX0-113TMap Next Foundation60FREETake this exam
EX0-115IT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 2000078FREETake this exam
ITILN/A369FREETake this exam
EX0-101N/A80FREETake this exam
TMPTETMap NEXT® Test Engineer60FREETake this exam
ITSM20FIT Service Management Foundation based on ISO/IEC 20000 (ITSM20F.EN)78FREETake this exam
EX0-114IT Service Management Foundation Bridge based on ISO/IEC2000078FREETake this exam
EX0-112Business Information Management Foundation80FREETake this exam
EX0-117ITIL Foundation (syllabus 2011)217FREETake this exam
EX0-001ITIL Foundation (syllabus 2011)424FREETake this exam
EX0-002PRINCE2 FoundationExam144FREETake this exam
EX0-003Managing Successful Programmes Foundation112FREETake this exam
EX0-116EXIN Cloud Computing Foundation112FREETake this exam
BIMFBusiness Information Management Foundation80FREETake this exam
CLOUDFEXIN Cloud Computing Foundation E112FREETake this exam
EX0-004Management of Risk Foundation E140FREETake this exam
EX0-005Management of Portfolio Foundation Exam100FREETake this exam
EX0-006Management of Value Foundation E99FREETake this exam
EX0-008Agile Scrum Foundat59FREETake this exam
MOPFManagement of Portfolio Foundat100FREETake this exam
MORFManagement of Risk Foundat140FREETake this exam
P3OFP3O Foundation Certificate in Portfolio, Programme and Project Offi150FREETake this exam
ITIL-FITIL Foundation238FREETake this exam
EX0-118Green IT Foundation132FREETake this exam
ITILFNDITIL Foundation268FREETake this exam
ITILSC-OSAITIL Service Capability Operational Support and Analysis20FREETake this exam
N10-002Network+200FREETake this exam
EX0-007Portfolio Programme and Project offices Foundation150FREETake this exam
ITIL-FOUNDATIONITIL Foundation 2014190FREETake this exam
ITILSC-SOAITIL Service Capability Service Offerings and Agreements14FREETake this exam
MOVFManagement of Value Foundation (EX0-006)100FREETake this exam
MSPFManaging Succesful Programmes Foundation112FREETake this exam
PR2FPRINCE2 Foundation Exam296FREETake this exam
PR2PPRINCE2 Practitioner (PR2P)190FREETake this exam
ASFEXIN Agile Scrum Foundat86FREETake this exam
ASMEXIN Agile Scrum Master39FREETake this exam
PDPFEXIN Privacy and Data Protection Foundation40FREETake this exam
SIAMFEXIN BCS Service Integration and Management40FREETake this exam
TMSTETMap Suite Test Engineer30FREETake this exam
DEVOPSFEXIN DevOps Foundation40FREETake this exam