List of all EMC Exams
Exam CodeExam Name# Amount 
DEE-1421Expert - Isilon Solutions58FREETake this exam
DEE-1721Expert - SC Series Exam63FREETake this exam
DEE-2T31Expert - Systems Administrator, Multi-Cloud Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-1121Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerMax and VMAX Family Solutions Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-1423Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Isilon Solutions Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-1721Specialist – Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam59FREETake this exam
DES-1721JSpecialist - Implementation Engineer, SC Series Exam (DES-1721日本語版)60FREETake this exam
DES-1B21Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Elastic Cloud Storage66FREETake this exam
DES-1B31Specialist - Systems Administrator, Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS)66FREETake this exam
DES-1D11Specialist, Technology Architect | Midrange Storage Solutions65FREETake this exam
DES-1D11JSpecialist - Technology Architect, Midrange Storage Solutions Exam (DES-1D11日本語版)108FREETake this exam
DES-2T13DES-2T13: Specialist - Cloud Architect, Cloud Infrastructure Exam60FREETake this exam
DES-3611Specialist Technology Architect, Data Protection Exam65FREETake this exam
DES-3611JSpecialist - Technology Architect, Data Protection Exam (DES-3611日本語版)66FREETake this exam
DES-4121Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge60FREETake this exam
DES-4221Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge M1000e, FX2, and VRTX Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-4331Specialist - Systems Administrator, OpenManage Enterprise Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-4421Specialist - Implementation Engineer, PowerEdge MX Modular Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-5121Specialist - Implementation Engineer, Campus Networking Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-6121Specialist, Implementation Engineer | Converged Infrastructure Exam68FREETake this exam
DES-6131Specialist - Systems Administrator, Converged Infrastructure Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-6231Specialist - Systems Administrator, VxRack System FLEX Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-6321Specialist - Implementation Engineer, VxRail Appliance Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-6332Specialist Systems Administrator VxRail Appliance Exam60FREETake this exam
DES-6431Specialist - Systems Administrator, VxRack System SDDC Exam1FREEPre Order
DES-9131Specialist Infrastructure Security Exam60FREETake this exam
E05-001Information Storage and Management Version 3 Exam186FREETake this exam
E05-001-JPNAssociate - Information Storage and Management Exam (E05-001日本語版)190FREETake this exam
E10-001Information Storage and Management Exam Version 2344FREETake this exam
E10-001JInformation Storage and Management Exam Version 2 (E10-001日本語版)200FREETake this exam
E10-002Enterprise Storage Networking Specialist Exam95FREETake this exam
E10-005Data Protection and Management1FREEPre Order
E10-110Enterprise Content Management278FREETake this exam
E20-001Storage Technologist Foundation361FREETake this exam
E20-002Cloud Infrastructure and Services Exam118FREETake this exam
E20-005Backup Recovery Systems and Architecture Exam120FREETake this exam
E20-007Data Science Associate Exam165FREETake this exam
E20-011Storage Networking Design and Management180FREETake this exam
E20-012Information Availability Design and Management Exam77FREETake this exam
E20-016Storage Networking Design Specialist Exam for Data Center Architects114FREETake this exam
E20-017Information Availability Design Specialist Exam for Data Center Architects108FREETake this exam
E20-018Virtualized Data Center and Cloud Infrastructure Design Specialist263FREETake this exam
E20-020Cloud Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Cloud Architects64FREETake this exam
E20-021Information Storage Security Design and Management Specialist Exam for Data Center Architects1FREEPre Order
E20-022Storage Services Management Specialist Exam for Data Center Architects1FREEPre Order
E20-026Enterprise Storage Networking Specialist Exam165FREETake this exam
E20-027Enterprise Backup Recovery Design Exam for Data Center Architects1FREEPre Order
E20-040EMC Technology Foundations322FREETake this exam
E20-050EMC Technology Foundations - CLARiiON142FREETake this exam
E20-060EMC Technology Foundations - Business Continuity128FREETake this exam
E20-065Advanced Analytics Specialist Exam for Data Scientists66FREETake this exam
E20-070Technology Foundations - SAN144FREETake this exam
E20-080EMC Technology Foundations - NAS210FREETake this exam
E20-090EMC Technology Foundations - Storage Management151FREETake this exam
E20-095EMC Technology Foundations-CAS304FREETake this exam
E20-097EMC Technology Foundations-Backup and Recovery314FREETake this exam
E20-120Content Management Foundations Exam235FREETake this exam
E20-260VPLEX Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers210FREETake this exam
E20-266Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Foundation Specialist Exam for Cloud Administrators1FREEPre Order
E20-307VMAX3 Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers70FREETake this exam
E20-320EMC Assessment, Planning & Design Exam126FREETake this exam
E20-322Technology Architect Solutions Design825FREETake this exam
E20-324VNX Solutions Design Exam for Technology Architects233FREETake this exam
E20-326Symmetrix Solutions Design Exam234FREETake this exam
E20-329Technology Architect Backup and Recovery Solutions Design Exam277FREETake this exam
E20-330Business Continuity Implementation106FREETake this exam
E20-331Symmetrix Business Continuity Implementation180FREETake this exam
E20-335Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers104FREETake this exam
E20-340CLARiiON Solutions Implementation112FREETake this exam
E20-350Network Storage - SAN Implementation110FREETake this exam
E20-351Storage Attached Network (SAN) Specialist Exam162FREETake this exam
E20-356Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Foundation Specialist Exam for Cloud Engineers1FREEPre Order
E20-357Isilon Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers122FREETake this exam
E20-360Network Storage - NAS Implementation120FREETake this exam
E20-361Network Attached Storage (NAS) Implementation Exam319FREETake this exam
E20-368XtremIO Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers76FREETake this exam
E20-368-JPNSpecialist - Implementation Engineer, XtremIO Solutions Exam (E20-368日本語版)110FREETake this exam
E20-370Networked Storage ? CAS Implementation180FREETake this exam
E20-375RecoverPoint Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers200FREETake this exam
E20-377RecoverPoint/SE Specialist for Implementation Engineers104FREETake this exam
E20-380Storage Management Implementation112FREETake this exam
E20-381Storage Management Specialist Exam for I.E.S163FREETake this exam
E20-385Data Domain Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers217FREETake this exam
E20-390VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers411FREETake this exam
E20-393Unity Solutions Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers69FREETake this exam
E20-393-JPNSpecialist - Implementation Engineer, Dell EMC Unity Solutions Exam (E20-393日本語版)225FREETake this exam
E20-405EMC Content Management Server Programming( CMSP)230FREETake this exam
E20-455ntent Management Web Application Programming Exam153FREETake this exam
E20-465E20-465 Content Management System Administration169FREETake this exam
E20-475Content Management Systems Architecture Exam231FREETake this exam
E20-485Content Management Application Architecture Exam139FREETake this exam
E20-495Content Management xCelerated Composition Platform Application Development Exam182FREETake this exam
E20-500EMC Storage and Information Infrastructure Exam467FREETake this exam
E20-501EMC Commercial Storage and Information Infrastructure265FREETake this exam
E20-507VMAX3 Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators115FREETake this exam
E20-510Business Continuity Specialist Exam120FREETake this exam
E20-512Business Continuity Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators231FREETake this exam
E20-515Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects280FREETake this exam
E20-517Symmetrix Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators192FREETake this exam
E20-520CLARiiON Solutions Specialist Exam520FREETake this exam
E20-522CLARiiON Solutions Specialist for Storage Administrator324FREETake this exam
E20-526XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects67FREETake this exam
E20-530Network Storage - SAN Specialist110FREETake this exam
E20-532Networked Storage – SAN Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators113FREETake this exam
E20-533Network Storage - NS Specialist Exam92FREETake this exam
E20-535Networked Storage - NS Implementation103FREETake this exam
E20-537Network Storage - NAS for Storage Administrators92FREETake this exam
E20-538Network Attached Storage (NAS) Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators115FREETake this exam
E20-540Networked Storage - NAS Specialist Exam110FREETake this exam
E20-542VMAX3 Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects136FREETake this exam
E20-545VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Technology Architects250FREETake this exam
E20-547VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage203FREETake this exam
E20-553Isilon Infrastructure Specialist Exam for Technology Architects81FREETake this exam
E20-554Isilon Design Specialist30FREETake this exam
E20-555Isilon Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects288FREETake this exam
E20-559Isilon Solutions Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators70FREETake this exam
E20-562VPLEX Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators66FREETake this exam
E20-568Specialist - Systems Administrator, XtremIO Solutions Exam1FREEPre Order
E20-570Networked Storage CAS Specialist Exam113FREETake this exam
E20-575RecoverPoint Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators66FREETake this exam
E20-580Storage Management Specialist113FREETake this exam
E20-582Storage Management Specialist Exam For Storage Administrator176FREETake this exam
E20-585Data Domain Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators66FREETake this exam
E20-588EMC Availability Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects1FREEPre Order
E20-590Backup and Recovery Specialist Exam180FREETake this exam
E20-591Backup and Recovery Solutions Exam for Technology Architects160FREETake this exam
E20-593Backup & Recovery Implementation Exam254FREETake this exam
E20-594Backup and Recovery - Avamar Specialist Exam for Implementation Engineers117FREETake this exam
E20-597Backup Recovery - NetWorker Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators355FREETake this exam
E20-598Backup Recovery - Avamar Specialist Exam for Storage Administrators237FREETake this exam
E20-610CLARiiON and UNIX Advanced84FREETake this exam
E20-611CLARiiON Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist Exam120FREETake this exam
E20-616Symmetrix Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist Exam237FREETake this exam
E20-616Symmetrix Installation and Troubleshooting Specialist Exam113FREETake this exam
E20-617DMX Migration Exam75FREETake this exam
E20-624VMAX Family Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers65FREETake this exam
E20-651Networked Storage-SAB Installation and Troubleshooting Exam128FREETake this exam
E20-655Isilon Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers112FREETake this exam
E20-657Isilon Specialist Exam for Technical Support Engineers1FREEPre Order
E20-661Networked Storage-NAS Installation and Troubleshooting Exam140FREETake this exam
E20-665Networked Storage-ns Installation and Troubleshooting Exam108FREETake this exam
E20-668Specialist - Platform Engineer, XtremIO Exam1FREEPre Order
E20-670Networked Storage-CAS Installation/Troubleshooting Specialization180FREETake this exam
E20-690VNX Solutions Specialist Exam for Platform Engineers240FREETake this exam
E20-807VMAX3 Solutions Expert Exam72FREETake this exam
E20-814Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam for Storage Administrators116FREETake this exam
E20-815Business Continuity Expert Exam for Technology Architects120FREETake this exam
E20-816Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects156FREETake this exam
E20-817Symmetrix Business Continuity Expert Exam for Storage Admins87FREETake this exam
E20-818Symmetrix Solutions Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers161FREETake this exam
E20-820CLARiiON Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects138FREETake this exam
E20-822CLARiiON Solutions Expert Exam for Storage Administrators107FREETake this exam
E20-825Networked Storage-SAN Expert Exam for Technology Architects120FREETake this exam
E20-830Networked Storage - NAS Expert Exam for Technology Architects107FREETake this exam
E20-840Storage Management Expert Exam for Technology Architects120FREETake this exam
E20-845Business Continuity Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers120FREETake this exam
E20-850CLARiiON Implementation Engineer Expert150FREETake this exam
E20-855Networked Storage-SAN Expert for Implementation Engineers114FREETake this exam
E20-860EMC NAS Implementation Engineer Expert Exam120FREETake this exam
E20-863Networked Storage-NS Expert Exam Implemnetation Engineers1FREEPre Order
E20-870Storage Management for Implementation Engineers120FREETake this exam
E20-880VNX Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects240FREETake this exam
E20-885VNX Solutions Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers163FREETake this exam
E20-890Backup and Recovery - NetWorker Expert Exam for Technology Architects1FREEPre Order
E20-891Backup Recovery Solutions Expert Exam for Technology Architects118FREETake this exam
E20-893NetWorker Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers65FREETake this exam
E20-895Backup Recovery - Avamar Expert Exam for Implementation Engineers106FREETake this exam
E20-918IT-as-a-Service Expert Exam for Cloud Architects98FREETake this exam
E20-920Cloud Services Expert Exam for Cloud Architects108FREETake this exam
E22-106EMC Legato Certified Availability Administrator (LCAA)126FREETake this exam
E22-128EMC Legato Certified Networker 7.x Administrator (LCNA)154FREETake this exam
E22-141EMC Legato Certified NetWorker 7.x Specialist (LCNS)180FREETake this exam
E22-181EMC Legato Emailxtender Administrator Exam56FREETake this exam
E22-183EMC Legato Certified EmailXtender and EmailXaminer Administrator (LCEXA)142FREETake this exam
E22-185SourceOne Email Management Administration Exam1FREEPre Order
E22-186EMC SourceOne for Microsoft SharePoint Administration Exam138FREETake this exam
E22-187SourceOne Email Management and Discovery Manager Administration1FREEPre Order
E22-189SourceOne eDiscovery – Kazeon Administration231FREETake this exam
E22-190xPression Development and System Management Exam1FREEPre Order
E22-192Captiva Installation, Configuration, and Management Exam106FREETake this exam
E22-201Emc Mainframe Local Replication Exam166FREETake this exam
E22-211Emc Mainframe Remote Replication Exam166FREETake this exam
E22-214ScaleIO 1.x Server-Based SAN Exam79FREETake this exam
E22-247Data Protection Advisor v.6.x Exam1FREEPre Order
E22-250Network Management - Smarts Administration174FREETake this exam
E22-258XtremIO 3.x Flash Storage Solutions71FREETake this exam
E22-265ViPR SRM 3.x Storage Resource Management Exam104FREETake this exam
E22-275RecoverPoint Data Replication and Recovery Exam126FREETake this exam
E22-280Avamar Backup and Data Deduplication Exam116FREETake this exam
E22-283ViPR Controller and Data Services 2.x80FREETake this exam
E22-285VxRail Appliance 4.x Deployment and Implementation Exam79FREETake this exam
E22-290EMC Data Domain Deduplication, Backup and Recovery Exam104FREETake this exam
E22-310DiskXtender for Windows Exam131FREETake this exam
E22-315Disk Library and Backup to Disk Technologies117FREETake this exam
EVP-1002011 VSE Consolidate Product & Technology Test133FREETake this exam
EVP-1012011 VSE Backup and Recovery Product and Technology Test39FREETake this exam
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