List of all CompTIA Exams
Exam CodeExam Name# Amount 
220-1001CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 178FREETake this exam
220-1002CompTIA A+ Certification Exam: Core 182FREETake this exam
220-301CompTIA A+ Core Technologies1760FREETake this exam
220-302CompTIA A+ OS Technologies400FREETake this exam
220-601CompTIA A+ Essentials980FREETake this exam
220-602CompTIA IT Technician697FREETake this exam
220-603Remote Support Tech designation pathway360FREETake this exam
220-604Depot Technician270FREETake this exam
220-701A+ Essentials387FREETake this exam
220-702CompTIA A+ Practical Application422FREETake this exam
220-801CompTIA A+ Certification Exam1110FREETake this exam
220-802CompTIA A+ Certification993FREETake this exam
220-901CompTIA A+ Certification Exam252FREETake this exam
220-902CompTIA A+ Certification Exam353FREETake this exam
225-030CDIA+ 225-030170FREETake this exam
ADR-001CompTIA Mobile App Security+ Certification Exam (Android Edition)102FREETake this exam
BR0-001CompTIA Bridge Exam - Security+121FREETake this exam
BR0-002CompTIA Network + Bridge Exam142FREETake this exam
BR0-003CompTIA A+ 2009 Edition Bridge Exam240FREETake this exam
CA1-001CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) Beta Exam208FREETake this exam
CAS-001SAP Certified Application Associate - Business Intelligence with SAP BW 7.3 and SAP BI 4.0272FREETake this exam
CAS-002Advanced Security Practioner (CASP) Exam532FREETake this exam
CD0-001CDIA+ Certification Exam255FREETake this exam
CL0-001Cloud Essentials87FREETake this exam
CLO-001CompTIA Cloud Essentials231FREETake this exam
CN0-201CompTIA CTP+ Certification Exam302FREETake this exam
CS0-001CompTIA CSA+ Certification Exam74FREETake this exam
CT0-101Convergence+ Certification Exam496FREETake this exam
CV0-001CompTIA Cloud+ Certification Exam565FREETake this exam
CV0-002CompTIA Cloud+ (CV0-002)76FREETake this exam
EK0-001E-Biz+138FREETake this exam
FC0-GR1CompTIA Strata Green IT85FREETake this exam
FC0-TS1CompTIA Strata IT for Sales Exam129FREETake this exam
FC0-U11CompTIA Strata Fundamentals of PC Functionality Exam111FREETake this exam
FC0-U21Fundamentals of Technology246FREETake this exam
FC0-U41Comptia IT Fundamentals270FREETake this exam
FC0-U51CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Exam286FREETake this exam
FC0-U61FC0-U61 - CompTIA IT Fundamentals75FREETake this exam
FC0-Z51CompTIA IT Fundamentals ==> Pre-Order1FREEPre Order
HIT-001CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Exam222FREETake this exam
HT0-101HTI+ Residential Systems100FREETake this exam
HT0-102HTI+ Systems Infrastructure220FREETake this exam
HT0-201HT0-201 CEA- CompTIA DHTI+ Exam184FREETake this exam
IK0-002i-Net+221FREETake this exam
ISS-001Intel® Server Specialist Certification Exam218FREETake this exam
ISS-003Intel® Server Specialist Certification Exam186FREETake this exam
JK0-015CompTIA E2C Security+ (2008 Edition) Exam1074FREETake this exam
JK0-016CompTIA Network+(2009 Edition) Exam700FREETake this exam
JK0-017CompTIA E2C Project+ Certification Exam402FREETake this exam
JK0-018CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam794FREETake this exam
JK0-019CompTIA E2C Network + Certification Exam637FREETake this exam
JK0-022CompTIA Academic/E2C Security+ Certification Exam Voucher O1149FREETake this exam
JK0-023CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam963FREETake this exam
JK0-701CompTIA E2C A+ Essentials (2009 Edition) Exam491FREETake this exam
JK0-702CompTIA E2C A+ Practical Application (2009 Edition) Exam903FREETake this exam
JK0-801CompTIA A+ Certification Exam266FREETake this exam
JK0-802CompTIA A+ Certification274FREETake this exam
JK0-U31CompTIA E2C Strata IT Technology Exam35FREETake this exam
LX0-101CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1119FREETake this exam
LX0-102CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 2177FREETake this exam
LX0-103CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 1120FREETake this exam
LX0-104CompTIA Linux+ [Powered by LPI] Exam 2178FREETake this exam
MB0-001CompTIA Mobility+287FREETake this exam
MC1-001Cleveland Community College Certified Mission Critical Operator Beta ==> Pre-Order1FREEPre Order
N10-003Network+ (2008)230FREETake this exam
N10-004Network+ (2009 Edition)306FREETake this exam
N10-005CompTIA Network+ Certification Exam828FREETake this exam
N10-006Network+ Certification Exam461FREETake this exam
N10-007CompTIA Network+ 2018158FREETake this exam
PD0-001Printing and Document Imaging (PDI+) Exam878FREETake this exam
PD1-001CompTIA PDI+860FREETake this exam
PK0-001IT Project146FREETake this exam
PK0-002CompTIA Project+240FREETake this exam
PK0-003CompTIA Project+320FREETake this exam
PK0-004Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop Administration 7.6 LTSR70FREETake this exam
PT0-001CompTIA PenTest+ Certification Exam66FREETake this exam
RF0-001RFID+162FREETake this exam
SG0-001CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA537FREETake this exam
SG1-001CompTIA Storage+ Powered by SNIA Beta Exam310FREETake this exam
SK0-001Server +241FREETake this exam
SK0-002Server+ (2005)240FREETake this exam
SK0-003CompTIA Server+ ( 2009 Edition )529FREETake this exam
SK0-004CompTIA Server+497FREETake this exam
SK0-022SK0-022 exam961FREETake this exam
SY0-101Security+340FREETake this exam
SY0-201CompTIA Security+(2008 Edition) Exam887FREETake this exam
SY0-301CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam (SY0-301)253FREETake this exam
SY0-401CompTIA Security+ Certification1750FREETake this exam
SY0-501CompTIA Security+82FREETake this exam
SY0-501CompTIA Security+540FREETake this exam
TK0-001CTT+ Certified Technical Trainer166FREETake this exam
TK0-201Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+)247FREETake this exam
XK0-001LINUX+ CERTIFICATION (2001 Objectives)282FREETake this exam
XK0-002Linux+392FREETake this exam
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