List of all Checkpoint Exams
Exam CodeExam Name# Amount 
156-110Check Point Certified Security Principles Associate100FREETake this exam
156-115.77Check Point Certified Security Master180FREETake this exam
156-210Check Point NG with Application Intelligence - Management I (156-210.4)243FREETake this exam
156-215Check Point Security Administration NGX (156-215.65)161FREETake this exam
156-215.13Check Point Certified Security Administrator – GAiA358FREETake this exam
156-215.71Check Point Certified Security Administrator R71370FREETake this exam
156-215.75Check Point Certified Security Administrator R75530FREETake this exam
156-215.77Check Point Certified Security Administrator356FREETake this exam
156-215.80Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80166FREETake this exam
156-215-70Check Point Certified Security Administrator R70 (156-215.70)512FREETake this exam
156-310Check Point NG with Application Intelligence - Management II (156-310.4)750FREETake this exam
156-315.65Check Point Security Administration NGX II R65205FREETake this exam
156-315.13Check Point Security Expert R76(GAiA)639FREETake this exam
156-315.75Check Point Security Expert R75629FREETake this exam
156-315.77Check Point Certified Security Expert344FREETake this exam
156-315-71Check Point Certified Security Expert R71341FREETake this exam
156-410.12Check Point Certified Security Instructor76FREETake this exam
156-510Check Point NG with Application Intelligence - Management III (156-510.4)165FREETake this exam
156-515Check Point Security Administration NGX III70FREETake this exam
156-515-65Check Point Certified Security Expert Plus NGX R65 (156-515.65)70FREETake this exam
156-706156-706 CPCS - PointSec 6.190FREETake this exam
156-708-70Check Point Endpoint Specialist - Media Encryption(CPEPS-ME)58FREETake this exam
156-715-70Check Point Certified Endpoint Expert R70 (Combined SA, FDE, MI, ME)374FREETake this exam
156-726.77Secure Web Gateway80FREETake this exam
156-727.77Threat Prevention80FREETake this exam
156-730IBM Certified Associate Administrator - Security QRadar SIEM V7.2.840FREETake this exam
156-815Check Point Provider-1 NGX (v4)170FREETake this exam
156-815.70Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert R70182FREETake this exam
156-815.71Check Point Certified Managed Security Expert R71182FREETake this exam
156-816Check Point VPN-1 VSX NGX79FREETake this exam
156-910.70Check Point Certified Security Administrator R71 Update101FREETake this exam
156-915Accelerated CCSE NGX (156-915.1)160FREETake this exam
156-915.70CCSE-R70-Upgrade26FREETake this exam
156-915.71Check Point Certified Security Expert R71 Update313FREETake this exam
156-915.77Check Point Certified Security Expert Update Blade406FREETake this exam
156-915.80Accelerated CCSE NGX R65204FREETake this exam
156-915-65Accelerated CCSE NGX R65 (156-915.65)204FREETake this exam
CCSACertification in Control Self-Assessment270FREETake this exam
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