List of all BlackBerry Exams
Exam CodeExam Name# Amount 
BCP-211Supporting BlackBerry Devices in an Enterprise Environment122FREETake this exam
BCP-212supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Server/IBM Lotus Domino1FREEPre Order
BCP-213supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Microsoft Exchange1FREEPre Order
BCP-220supporting BlackBerry Devices BlackBerry Interent Service128FREETake this exam
BCP-221supporting BlackBerry Devices/Enterprise version 5.0104FREETake this exam
BCP-222supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Server/IBM Lotus Domino (BCP-222)104FREETake this exam
BCP-223supporting BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Microsoft Exchange v5109FREETake this exam
BCP-240Blackberry10 Support Specialist100FREETake this exam
BCP-340Supporting BlackBerry 10 Devices and a BlackBerry® Device Service in an Enterprise100FREETake this exam
BCP-410Maintaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Microsoft Exchange112FREETake this exam
BCP-411Maintaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server in IBM Lotus Domino1FREEPre Order
BCP-420Maintaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server/Microsoft Exchange Exam131FREETake this exam
BCP-421Maintaining BlackBerry Enterprise Server/IBM Lotus Domino99FREETake this exam
BCP-520Integrating the BlackBerry MVS Solution120FREETake this exam
BCP-521Integrating the BlackBerry MVS SIP Gateway Solution70FREETake this exam
BCP-610Deploying BlackBerry Solutions/Microsoft Exchange1FREEPre Order
BCP-611Deploying BlackBerry Solutions/IBM Lotus Domino1FREEPre Order
BCP-620Deploying Blackberry Solutions / Microsoft Exchange (v5.0)116FREETake this exam
BCP-621Designing and Deploying a BlackBerry Solution v5.0 in a IBM Lotus Domino Environment65FREETake this exam
BCP-710Selling the Blackberry Solution for Tech. Sales Professional112FREETake this exam
BCP-810Developing Applications for the BlackBerry Solution125FREETake this exam
BCP-811Developing Java applications for the BlackBerry Platform124FREETake this exam
BCX-811Developinh Java applications for the BlackBerry Platform1FREEPre Order
BCX-812Developing Web Applications for the BlackBerry Platform1FREEPre Order
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